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dc.identifier.issn 1573-157X
dc.description En: Journal of Seismology, v. 6, n. 2, (April 2002), p. 279–283. es_ES
dc.description.abstract "The Arequipa earthquake of 23 June 2001 has been the largest earthquake (Mw = 8.3)occurred in the last century in southern Peru with a maximum intensity of VIII (MM scale). Focal mechanisms of main shock and three larger aftershocks have been studied, showing thrusting solutions for main shock and two aftershocks and normal motion for the event of July, 5. The rupture area has been obtained from distribution of aftershocks. The occurrence of the Arequipa earthquake is related with the convergence process between the Nazca and South America plates." es_ES
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dc.subject Placas tectónicas es_ES
dc.subject Terremotos--Perú--Arequipa es_ES
dc.subject Intensidad sísmica--Perú es_ES
dc.subject Tsunamis es_ES
dc.subject Análisis de riesgos sísmicos es_ES
dc.subject Mecánica de suelos--Perú es_ES
dc.title The Arequipa (Peru) earthquake of june 23, 2001 es_ES
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dc.subject.ocde Terremotos es_ES
dc.subject.ocde Perú es_ES
dc.subject.ocde Maremotos es_ES
dc.subject.ocde Física de suelos es_ES
dc.identifier.journal Journal of Seismology es_ES
dc.description.peer-review Por pares es_ES




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