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dc.identifier.citation Tavera, H., Arango, M., Strasser, F., Bommer, J., Boroschek, R., & Comte, D. (2010). A strong-motion database from the Peru–Chile subduction zone.==$Journal of Seismology, 15,$==1, 19-41. es_ES
dc.identifier.issn 1573-157X
dc.description.abstract "Earthquake hazard along the Peru – Chile subduction zone is amongst the highest in the world. The development of a database of subduction-zone strong-motion recordings is, therefore, of great importance for ground-motion prediction in this region. Accelerograms recorded by the different networks operators in Peru and Chile have been compiled and processed in a uniform manner, and information on the source parameters of the causative earthquakes, fault-plane geometries and local site conditions at the recording stations has been collected and reviewed to obtain high-quality metadata. The compiled database consists of 98 triaxial ground-motion recordings from 15 subduction-type events with moment magnitudes ranging from 6.3 to 8.4, recorded at 59 different sites in Peru and Chile, between 1966 and 2007. While the database presented in this study is not sufficient for the derivation of a new predictive equation for ground motions from subduction events in the Peru–Chile region, it significantly expands the global database of strongmotion data and associated metadata that can be used in the derivation of predictive equations for subduction environments. Additionally, the compiled database will allow the assessment of existing predictive models for subduction-type events in terms of their suitability for the Peru– Chile region, which directly influences seismic hazard assessment in this region." es_ES
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dc.title A strong-motion database from the Peru–Chile subduction zone es_ES
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