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dc.identifier.citation De La Cruz, L., & Milla, M. A. (2020). Comparison of GB-SAR imaging algorithms for a landslide monitoring application. In==$IEEE International Congress on Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computing (INTERCON).$== es_ES
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dc.description.abstract A comparative analysis of three imaging algorithms for Ground Based Synthetic Aperture Radar (GB-SAR) systems has been conducted in order to select the most appropriate algorithm to be used in a landslide monitoring application. These algorithms are Frequency Domain Back Projection (FDBP), Range Migration Algorithm (RMA), and Discrete Linear Inverse Problem (DLIP). The comparison is based on image reconstruction quality, computational efficiency, and displacement measurement accuracy. Simulated and real data were used to test and compare the algorithms. Results show that FDBP is the most appropriate method for the proposed application. es_ES
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dc.publisher Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers es_ES
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dc.subject Image reconstruction es_ES
dc.subject Imaging es_ES
dc.subject Monitoring es_ES
dc.subject Azimuth es_ES
dc.subject Radar imaging es_ES
dc.subject Terrain factors es_ES
dc.subject Displacement measurement es_ES
dc.title Comparison of GB-SAR imaging algorithms for a landslide monitoring application es_ES
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