Mostrar el registro sencillo del ítem Bromley, Gordon R. M. Thouret, Jean-Claude Schimmelpfennig, Irene Mariño, Jersy Valdivia, David Rademaker, Kurt Vivanco Lopez, Socorro del Pilar ASTER Team Aumaître, Georges Bourlès, Didier Keddadouche, Karim
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dc.identifier.citation Bromley, G. R. M., Thouret, J. C., Schimmelpfennig, I., Mariño, J., Valdivia, D., Rademaker, K., ... Keddadouche, K. (2019). In situ cosmogenic 3 He and 36 Cl and radiocarbon dating of volcanic deposits refine the Pleistocene and Holocene eruption chronology of SW Peru.==$Bulletin of Volcanology, 81$==(64), 1-16. es_ES
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dc.description.abstract Constraining the age of young lavas, which generally fall outside the effective range of traditional geochronology methods, remains a key challenge in volcanology, limiting the development of high-resolution eruption chronologies. We present an in situ cosmogenic ³He and ³⁶Cl surface-exposure chronology, alongside new minimum-limiting ¹⁴C ages, documenting young eruptions at five sites in the Western Cordillera, southern Peru. Four ³He-dated lavas on the Nevado Coropuna volcanic complex (hitherto thought to be dormant) indicate that the central dome cluster is young and potentially active; two Holocene lavas on the easternmost dome are the youngest directly dated lavas in Peru to date. East of Coropuna, lava domes and block-lava flows represent the most extensive output to date of Nevado Sabancaya, one of Peru’s most active volcanoes. Two ³He measurements confirm the Holocene age of these deposits and expand the chronology for one of the youngest major lava fields in Peru. ³⁶Cl surface-exposure ages from the Purupurini dome cluster and Nevado Casiri document middle-late-Holocene episodes of effusive activity, while basal ¹⁴C ages from a lavadammed wetland constrain an effusive eruption at Mina Arcata, north of Coropuna, to the late-glacial period. These new data advance the recent Western Cordillera volcanic record whilst demonstrating both the considerable potential and fundamental limitations of cosmogenic surface-exposure methods for such applications. es_ES
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dc.title In situ cosmogenic 3He and 36Cl and radiocarbon dating of volcanic deposits refine the Pleistocene and Holocene eruption chronology of SW Peru es_ES
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