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dc.identifier.citation Inza, A., Mars, J., Métaxian, J.-P, O'Brien, G., & Macedo, O. (2011). Localization with multicomponent seismic array.==$4th IEEE International Workshop on Computational Advances in Multi-Sensor Adaptive Processing (CAMSAP),$==13-16 Dec. 2011, San Juan, Puerto Rico. es_ES
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dc.description.abstract Seismo-volcano source localization is essential to improve our understanding of volcano systems. The lack of clear seismic wave phases prohibits the use of classical location methods. Seismic antennas composed of one-component (1C) seismometers provide a good estimate of the back-azimuth of the waveeld. The depth estimation, on the other hand, is difficult or impossible to determine. In order to determine the source location parameters (back-azimuth and depth), we extend the 1C seismic antenna approach to 3Cs. This communication discusses a high-resolution location method using a 3C array survey (3C-MUSIC algorithm) with data from two seismic antennas installed on an andesitic volcano in Peru (Ubinas volcano). After introducing the 3C MUSIC processing, we evaluate the robustness of the location method on a full waveeld 3D synthetic dataset generated using a digital elevation model of Ubinas volcano and an homogeneous velocity model. Results show that the back-azimuth determined using the 3C array has a smaller error than a 1C array. Only the 3C method allows the recovery of the source depths. Finally, we applied the 3C-MUSIC to two seismic events recorded in 2009. Therefore, extending 1C arrays to 3C arrays in volcano monitoring allows a more accurate determination of the source epicenter and now an estimate for the depth. es_ES
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dc.subject Antenna arrays es_ES
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dc.title Localization with multicomponent seismic array es_ES
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