Some ionospheric storm effects at equatorial and low latitudes

dc.contributor.authorMansilla, Gustavo A.
dc.description.abstractIn this paper, the response of the equatorial and low latitude ionosphere to three intense geomagnetic storms occurred in 2002 and 2003 is reported. For that, critical frequency of F2-layer foF2 and the peak height hmF2 hmF2 for the stations Jicamarca (11.9°S), Ascension Is (7.92°S) and Tucuman (26.9°S) are used. The results show a “smoothing” of the Equatorial Anomaly structure during the development of the storms. Noticeable features are the increases in foF2 before the storm sudden commencement (SC) at equatorial latitudes and the southern crest of the Equatorial Anomaly. In some cases nearly simultaneous increases in foF2 are observed in response to the storm, which are attributed to the prompt electric field. Also, positive effects observed at equatorial and low latitudes during the development of the storm seem to be caused by the disturbance dynamo electric field due to the storm-time circulation. Increases in foF2 above the equator and simultaneous decreases in foF2 at the south crest near to the end of a long-duration main phase are attributed to equatorward-directed meridional winds. Decreases in foF2 observed during the recovery phase of storms are believed to be caused by composition changes. The results indicate that the prompt penetration electric field on the EA is important but their effect is of short lived. More significant ionospheric effects are the produced by the disturbance dynamo electric field. The role of storm-time winds is important because they modify the “fountain effect” and transport the composition changes toward low latitudes.es_ES
dc.description.peer-reviewPor pareses_ES
dc.identifier.citationMansilla, G. A. (2014). Some ionospheric storm effects at equatorial and low latitudes.==$Advances in Space Research, 53$==(9), 1329-1336.
dc.identifier.journalAdvances in Space Researches_ES
dc.subjectGeomagnetic stormses_ES
dc.subjectEquatorial anomalyes_ES
dc.titleSome ionospheric storm effects at equatorial and low latitudeses_ES


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