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dc.identifier.citation Migoya-Orué, Y., Nava, B., Radicella, S., & Alazo-Cuartas, K. (2015). GNSS derived TEC data ingestion into IRI 2012.==$Advances in Space Research, 55$==(8), 1994-2002. es_ES
dc.identifier.issn 0273-1177
dc.description.abstract "Experimental vertical total electron content (VTEC) data given by Global Ionospheric Maps (GIM) has been ingested into the IRI version 2012, aiming to obtain grids of effective input parameter values that allow to minimize the difference between the experimental and modeled vertical TEC. Making use of the experience gained with the technique of model adaptation applied to NeQuick (Nava et al., 2005), it has been found possible to compute IRI world grids of effective ionosphere index parameters (IG). The IG grids thus obtained can be interpolated in space and time to calculate with IRI the 3D electron density at any location and also the TEC along any ground-to-satellite ray-path for a given epoch. In this study, the ingestion technique is presented and a posteriori validation, along with an assessment of the capability of the ‘ingested’ IRI to reproduce the ionosphere day-to-day foF2 variability during disturbed and quiet periods. The foF2 values retrieved are compared with data from about 20 worldwide ionosondes for selected periods of high (year 2000) and moderate to low solar activity (year 2006). It was found that the use of the ingestion scheme enhances the performance of the model when compared with its standard use based on solar activity drivers (R12 and F10.7), especially for high solar activity. As an example, the mean and standard deviation of the differences between experimental and reconstructed F2-peak values for April of year 2000 is 0.09 and 1.28 MHz for ingested IRI, compared to −0.81 and 1.27 MHz (IRI with R12 input) and −0.02 and 1.46 MHz (IRI with F10.7 input)". es_ES
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dc.publisher Advances in Space Research es_ES
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dc.title GNSS derived TEC data ingestion into IRI 2012 es_ES
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dc.identifier.journal Advances in Space Research es_ES
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dc.identifier.doi 10.1016/j.asr.2014.12.033 es_ES




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