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dc.identifier.issn 1944-8007
dc.description En: Geophysical Research Letters, v. 40, n. 17 ( August 2013), p. 4509-4514. es_ES
dc.description.abstract "We show here that VHF signals scattered from the 150 km region above Jicamaca exhibit two distinct types of features. In one type (type A), the Doppler spectral width increases with the echo strength and the corresponding signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). A second type (type B) of higher SNR echoes exhibits SNR-independent Doppler spectral widths that are much narrower than those observed in the first type. The type A echo population is by far the dominant population. Comparisons with earlier data sets collected at Jicamarca and elsewhere suggest that the type A and type B are likely to be associated with a naturally enhanced incoherent scattering (NEIS) process and the unstable growth of field-aligned irregularities (FAIs), respectively. We conjecture that small radar systems operated near the geomagnetic equator that have reported 150 km echo observations detected FAI echoes and that the NEIS echoes can only be seen by high sensitivity systems." es_ES
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dc.publisher Instituto Geofísico del Perú es_ES
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dc.source Repositorio institucional - IGP es_ES
dc.subject Región F es_ES
dc.subject Plasma (gas ionizado) es_ES
dc.subject Densidad de electrones ionosféricos es_ES
dc.subject Campos eléctricos es_ES
dc.subject Procesamiento de señales es_ES
dc.subject Efecto Doppler es_ES
dc.subject Ionósfera--Observaciones es_ES
dc.subject Ecos es_ES
dc.subject Radar--Perú--Mediciones es_ES
dc.title Discovery of two distinct types of equatorial 150-km radar echoes es_ES
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/article es_ES
dc.subject.ocde Radar es_ES
dc.subject.ocde Perú es_ES
dc.subject.ocde Procesamiento de datos es_ES
dc.subject.ocde Electrónica es_ES
dc.subject.ocde Observación es_ES
dc.subject.ocde Medición es_ES
dc.identifier.journal Geophysical Research Letters es_ES
dc.description.peer-review Por pares es_ES
dc.identifier.doi 10.1002/grl.50893 es_ES




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