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dc.identifier.issn 1573-1472
dc.description En: Boundary-Layer Meteorology, v. 147, n. 1, (April 2013), p. 165–178. es_ES
dc.description.abstract "We report results of preliminary high-resolution in situ atmospheric measurements through the boundary layer and lower atmosphere over the southern coast of Perú. This region of the coast is of particular interest because it lies adjacent to the northern coastal edge of the sub-tropical south-eastern Pacific, a very large area of ocean having a persistent stratus deck located just below the marine boundary layer (MBL) inversion. Typically, the boundary layer in this region during winter is topped by a quasi-permanent, well-defined, and very large temperature gradient. The data presented herein examine fine-scale details of the coastal atmosphere at a point where the edge of this MBL extends over the coastline as a result of persistent onshore flow. Atmospheric data were gathered using a recently-developed in-house constructed, GPS-controlled, micro-autonomous-vehicle aircraft (the DataHawk). Measured quantities include high-resolution profiles of temperature, wind, and turbulence structure from the surface to 1,300 m." es_ES
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dc.publisher Instituto Geofísico del Perú es_ES
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dc.source Repositorio institucional - IGP es_ES
dc.subject Temperatura es_ES
dc.subject Vientos es_ES
dc.subject Océano Pacífico es_ES
dc.subject Atmósfera--Mediciones es_ES
dc.subject Capa límite (Meteorología)--Regiones costeras--Mediciones es_ES
dc.subject Capa límite (Meteorología)--Procesamiento de datos--Perú es_ES
dc.subject Capa límite turbulenta es_ES
dc.title Fine-scale characteristics of temperature,wind, and turbulence in the lower atmosphere (0–1,300 m) over the south Peruvian coast es_ES
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/article es_ES
dc.subject.ocde Atmósfera es_ES
dc.subject.ocde Temperatura es_ES
dc.subject.ocde Viento es_ES
dc.subject.ocde Perú es_ES
dc.subject.ocde Zonas costeras es_ES
dc.subject.ocde Océano Pacífico es_ES
dc.subject.ocde Medición es_ES
dc.identifier.journal Boundary-Layer Meteorology es_ES
dc.description.peer-review Por pares es_ES
dc.identifier.doi 10.1007/s10546-012-9774-x es_ES




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