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dc.identifier.citation Rodrigues, F. S., Nicolls, M. J., Woodman, R. F., Hysell, D. L., Chau, J. L., & Gonzáles, S. A. (2007). Ion gyroresonance observations at Jicamarca revisited.==$Geophysical Research Letters, 34$==(13), L13107. es_ES
dc.identifier.issn 1944-8007
dc.description.abstract "This paper presents recent observations of the proton gyroresonance over Jicamarca. In October 2006, a single-polarization double-pulse experiment was set up to measure the first gyroresonance peak in the incoherent scatter (IS) auto-correlation function (ACF). Despite the clutter caused by Spread-F and artificial satellites, it was possible to measure the first proton gyroresonance peak of the ACF in the topside ionosphere. For the first time, least-squares fits of theoretical IS ACFs to gyroresonance measurements are reported. Theoretical ACFs that best fit the measurements were found using the H+ fraction and temperature (assuming Te = Ti) as fitting parameters. Uncertainties for the estimated fraction of H+ were as low as 12%, while uncertainties for estimated temperatures were around 30%. These are the first successful gyroresonance measurements since the early observations of Farley (1967), and it is the first time measurements of this type have been used to obtain least squares estimates of ion composition and temperatures." es_ES
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dc.subject Alta atmósfera es_ES
dc.subject Ionósfera--Observaciones es_ES
dc.subject Alta atmósfera--Observaciones es_ES
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dc.subject Radar de dispersión incoherente es_ES
dc.title Ion gyroresonance observations at Jicamarca revisited es_ES
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dc.identifier.journal Geophysical Research Letters es_ES
dc.description.peer-review Por pares es_ES
dc.identifier.doi 10.1029/2007GL029680 es_ES




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