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dc.identifier.issn 1476-4687
dc.description En: Nature, v. 313, (14 February 1985), p. 559–560. es_ES
dc.description.abstract "High time resolutions radar measurements of ionospheric electric fields have recently permitted studies of low-frequency hydromagnetic waves, but most of the research had depended on electron drift velocity from data obtained from the Scandinavian Twin Auroral Radar Experiment (STARE), taken at high latitudes (λm ~+70°) and used to study oscillations with periods of 200-300 s. At high latitudes, the low-frequency pulsations provide important information of the magnetospheric plasma process 1-3, but, at low latitudes, coupling of the ionosphere and magnetosphere remain unexplored. The purpose of our study is to examine the fluctuations in the electric field on a time scale longer than ion cyclotron periods, which have not been studied at low latitudes. We report here observations of these waves with periods larger than 45s from the high time-resolution data taken at Jicamarca, Perú." es_ES
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dc.publisher Instituto Geofísico del Perú es_ES
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dc.subject Radar--Perú--Mediciones es_ES
dc.subject Ionósfera--Investigación--Perú es_ES
dc.subject Campos eléctricos es_ES
dc.subject Plasmas espaciales es_ES
dc.subject Electrones--Emisión es_ES
dc.subject Iones es_ES
dc.title Low-frequency fluctuations of the electric field in the equatorial ionosphere es_ES
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dc.subject.ocde Radar es_ES
dc.subject.ocde Medición es_ES
dc.subject.ocde Perú es_ES
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dc.identifier.journal Nature es_ES
dc.description.peer-review Por pares es_ES
dc.identifier.doi 10.1038/313559a0 es_ES




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