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dc.description Ciências espaciais e da atmosfera na Antártica (CLACEAA), organizada por pesquisadores; do Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE) e a colaboração de pesquisadores latino-americanos, foi realizada na cidade de Serra Negra, SP, de 20 a 25 de novembro de 1994. Editores René A. Medrano-B, Enio B. Pereira. es_ES
dc.description.abstract A 50 Mhz radar, with 25 kW average power, has been installed at the Peruvian base in St. George lsland, Antarcitc. A search far PMSE echoes were made during its first year of operatlon, with negative results. These resutts have already been reported In the literature. Here we report our results during the summer of the second year of operation. This time the observations were made starting earlier, closer to the summer solstice. On this occaslon PMSE have been observed, albeit much weaker that what one would expect based on the Poker Flat radar results at comparable latitudes In the Northern Hemlsphere. The asymmetry, therefore, remains. lt is explained in terms of subtle differences in temperatura in the mesopause region of both polar regions. The potential of the technique to monitor global changes n temperatura is discussed. es_ES
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dc.publisher Ciências espaciais e da atmosfera na Antártica, Transtec Editorial es_ES
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dc.title First observations of PMSE in Antártica es_ES
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