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dc.description Poster presented at the 2021 CEDAR Virtual Workshop, June 20-25.
dc.description.abstract It has been over a year since measurements of mesosphere and lower thermosphere (MLT) winds have been obtained with the SIMONe Peru radar. This modern multistatic specular meteor radar, placed on the central coast of Peru, has its transmitter located at the Jicamarca Radio Observatory (11.95° S, 76.87° W, dip angle 1°). This work will show some results of the climatology of diurnal and semidiurnal tides obtained from the analysis of zonal and meridional mean winds that have been estimated at heights between 80-100 km using one year of data (Nov 2019 - Oct 2020). The monthly and seasonal variation of tide amplitudes will be described. From the results we have seen that diurnal tides are more intense than semidiurnal tides, which is typical at low latitudes and that diurnal tide is more intense in August and September. These and others results will also be described in this work. es_ES
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dc.subject Diurnal and semidiurnal tides es_ES
dc.subject Equatorial MLT region es_ES
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dc.title Diurnal and semidiurnal tides in the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere over the central coast of Peru es_ES
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