Mostrar el registro sencillo del ítem Rout, Diptiranjan Chakrabarty, D. Janardhan, P. Sekar, R. Maniya, Vrunda Pandey, Kuldeep 2018-12-13T10:26:33Z 2018-12-13T10:26:33Z 2017-05-04
dc.identifier.citation Rout, D., Chakrabarty, D., Janardhan, P., Sekar, R., Maniya, V., & Pandey, K. (2017). Solar wind flow angle and geoeffectiveness of corotating interaction regions: First results.==$Geophysical Research Letters, 44$==(10), 4532-4539. es_ES
dc.description.abstract A total of 43 Corotating Interaction Region (CIR)‐induced geomagnetic storms during the unusually deep solar minimum of solar cycle 23 (2006–2010) were identified using a superposed epoch analysis technique. Of these 43 events, detailed cross‐spectrum analyses, between the variations in the Z component of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF Bz) and the equatorial electrojet (EEJ) strength, were performed for 22 events when the daytime EEJ strengths from Jicamarca were available. The analyses revealed that the ∼30 and ∼60 min periodic components in IMF Bz were causally related to the EEJ strength subject to the average solar wind flow being radial to within 6° at L1 during the interval for which EEJ strengths were considered. This investigation elicits the important role of average solar wind azimuthal flow angle in determining the geoeffectiveness of CIR events. es_ES
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dc.publisher American Geophysical Union es_ES
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dc.subject Corotating interaction region es_ES
dc.subject Geoeffectiveness of CIR es_ES
dc.subject Solar wind flow angle es_ES
dc.subject Prompt penetration electric field es_ES
dc.subject Equatorial ionosphere es_ES
dc.subject DP2 periodicity es_ES
dc.title Solar wind flow angle and geoeffectiveness of corotating interaction regions: First results es_ES
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dc.identifier.journal Geophysical Research Letters es_ES
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