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dc.identifier.citation Rastogi, R. G., Chandra, H., Condori, L., Abdu, M. A., Reinisch, B., Tsunoda, R. T., ... Maruyama, T. (2012). Abnormally large magnetospheric electric field on 9 November 2004 and its effect on equatorial ionosphere around the world.==$Journal of Earth System Science, 121$==(5), 1145-1161. es_ES
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dc.description.abstract There was a solar event around 1850 UT on 9th November 2004, associated with an abnormally large solar wind flow pressure and large southward interplanetary magnetic field, causing an abnormally large prompt penetration electric field between 1850 and 2100 UT. Abnormally large vertical F-region drifts by Jicamarca backscatter radar were reported associated with the event. The F-region over Jicamarca, Peru (14–16 LT) and Sao Luis, Brazil (16–18 LT) was lifted upward, broken into two portions and the upper one was blown out of the range of the ionosonde. At Fortaleza, an off-equatorial station in Brazil, the F-region was also lifted up but later the foF2 increased due to the flow of ionization from upper layer blown up over the equatorial region. The F-region at Ascension Island (19–21 LT), an off-equatorial station, was lifted up without any deformations till 1915 LT but descended at 1930 LT due to reversal of electric field polarity. At Indian stations, Trivandrum and Waltair (00–02 LT), the F-region was pushed down and later disappeared as a consequence of enhanced westward ionospheric electric field in the night sector. The ionosonde did not receive any echo for a couple of hours till the next sunrise. The F-region at Kototaban (03–05 LT), Indonesia also disappeared after a rapid descend. At Kwajelien (06–08 LT) there was no equatorial type of sporadic-E at 07 to 09 LT due to the westward electric field. es_ES
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dc.title Abnormally large magnetospheric electric field on 9 November 2004 and its effect on equatorial ionosphere around the world es_ES
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