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dc.identifier.citation Retterer, J. M., Ilma, R., Kelley, M. C., Chau, J. L., Valladares, C. E., Gentile, L. C., & Groves, K. (2010). Modeling the low-latitude ionospheric electron density and plasma turbulence in the November 2004 storm period.==$Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, 72$==(4), 350-357. es_ES
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dc.description.abstract The storm period of 8–12 November 2004 offers an opportunity for insight into the phenomena of low-latitude ionospheric structure during geomagnetically disturbed times because of the strength of the disturbances, the timing of the storms, and the instrumentation that was operating during the interval. We will take advantage of these factors to model the ambient ionosphere and the plasma turbulence responsible for radio scintillation within it, using the AFRL low-latitude ambient/turbulent ionospheric model and the storm-time model features described in the companion paper [Retterer, J.M., Kelley, M.C., 2009. Solar-wind drivers for low-latitude ionospheric models during geomagnetic storms. J. Atmos. Solar-Terr. Phys., this issue]. The model plasma densities show very good agreement with the densities measured by the Jicamarca ISR as well as with the total electron content (TEC) measured by the Boston College South American chain of GPS receivers. The detection by the radar of coherent returns from plasma turbulence match well the times of predicted ionospheric instability. The predicted geographic extent of the occurrence of equatorial plasma bubbles was matched by DMSP satellite observations and our forecasts of scintillation strength were validated with measurements of S4 at Ancon and Antofagasta by stations of the AFRL SCINDA network. es_ES
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dc.title Modeling the low-latitude ionospheric electron density and plasma turbulence in the November 2004 storm period es_ES
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