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dc.identifier.citation Kouahla, M. N., Moreels, G., Faivre, M., Clairemidi, J., Meriwether, J. W., Lehmacher, G. A., ... Veliz, O. (2010). 3D Imaging of the OH mesospheric emissive layer.==$Advances in Space Research, 45$==(2), 260-267. es_ES
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dc.description.abstract A new and original stereo imaging method is introduced to measure the altitude of the OH nightglow layer and provide a 3D perspective map of the altitude of the layer centroid. Near-IR photographs of the OH layer are taken at two sites separated by a 645 km distance. Each photograph is processed in order to provide a satellite view of the layer. When superposed, the two views present a common diamond-shaped area. Pairs of matched points that correspond to a physical emissive point in the common area are identified in calculating a normalized cross-correlation coefficient (NCC). This method is suitable for obtaining 3D representations in the case of low-contrast objects. An observational campaign was conducted in July 2006 in Peru. The images were taken simultaneously at Cerro Cosmos (12 09 08.2 S, 75 33 49.3 W, altitude 4630 m) close to Huancayo and Cerro Verde Tellolo (16 33 17.6 S, 71 39 59.4 W, altitude 2272 m) close to Arequipa. 3D maps of the layer surface were retrieved and compared with pseudo-relief intensity maps of the same region. The mean altitude of the emission barycenter is located at 86.3 km on July 26. Comparable relief wavy features appear in the 3D and intensity maps. It is shown that the vertical amplitude of the wave system varies as exp (z/2H) within the altitude range z = 83.5–88.0 km, H being the scale height. The oscillatory kinetic energy at the altitude of the OH layer is comprised between 3 × 10−4 and 5.4 × 10−4 J/m3, which is 2–3 times smaller than the values derived from partial radio wave at 52N latitude. es_ES
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dc.title 3D Imaging of the OH mesospheric emissive layer es_ES
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dc.identifier.journal Advances in Space Research es_ES
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