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dc.description.abstract The Collaborative Research Network (CRN) project the assessment of present, past and future climate variability in the Americas from freeline environments, currently under development by institutions of Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Chile and United State. The goal of this CRN project is the recovery of tree-ring records of past climate from freelines sits along the cordillera between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego. It will be used to reconstruct the major made of interhemispheric climate variability for the past centuries free-ring reconstruction of precipitation and temperature will allow delailed study of local and regional climate variability, how it changes with latitude and is linked to the major elements of ocean and global circulation, through a proposal to the program to expand capacity in the Americas (PESCA) of inter-American Institute for Global change Research (IAI) a very and critical area of South-America has been incorporate to such as studies. es_ES
dc.description.sponsorship Universidad de Piura, Instituto Geofísico del Perú, University of Western Ontario es_ES
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dc.subject Lluvia y precipitación es_ES
dc.subject Corriente El Niño es_ES
dc.subject Desastres naturales es_ES
dc.subject Modelos matemáticos es_ES
dc.subject Cambio climático es_ES
dc.subject Paleoclimatología es_ES
dc.subject América del Sur es_ES
dc.title Dendrochronological laboratory for studies relate to ENSO events in the tropical zone of South-America es_ES
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