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dc.identifier.citation Montecinos, A., Kurgansky, M. V., Muñoz, C., & Takahashi, K. (2011). Non-ENSO interannual rainfall variability in central Chile during austral winter.==$Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 106$==(3-4), 557-568.
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dc.identifier.issn 14344483
dc.description.abstract "The first principal component (PC1) of seasonal rainfall anomalies in central Chile during winter (June–August) is used to analyze the circulation anomalies related to wet and dry conditions, when near-normal or neutral SST anomalies are observed in the equatorial Pacific, i.e., during non-ENSO conditions. Eight wet and eight dry winter seasons were defined as the upper and lower terciles of PC1 for 24 non-ENSO winters in the period 1958–2000. Unlike the single process attributed to ENSO, during non-ENSO winter seasons, there are several sources triggering or modifying the propagation of the stationary waves that impact the rainfall regime in central Chile. Unfortunately, the multiple processes that seem to be involved in the modulation of the interannual rainfall variability in central Chile, as seen in this work, limit the predictability of rainfall during non-ENSO conditions.." es_ES
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dc.publisher Instituto Geofísico del Perú
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dc.source Repositorio institucional - IGP es_ES
dc.subject Lluvia y precipitación--Chille
dc.subject Interacción océano-atmósfera
dc.subject Variabilidad de las precipitaciones--Chile
dc.subject Corriente El Niño
dc.subject Oscilación del sur
dc.title Non-ENSO interannual rainfall variability in central Chile during austral winter es_ES
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dc.subject.ocde Oceanografía
dc.subject.ocde Climatología
dc.subject.ocde Precipitación
dc.subject.ocde Chile
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dc.identifier.doi 10.1007/s00704-011-0457-1




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