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dc.description.abstract This work has been carried out for the purpose of transferring scientifíc knowledge on the Equatorial Electrojet to the engineering community who works in the fíeld of telecommunications. The skillful knowledge acquired on this subject, through several decades, by the intemational scientific community, by the Instituto Geofísico del Peru and, specially, by the Jicamarca's Radio Observatory, has made possible the use of the Equatorial Electrojet for communication purposes. With this motivation, the Instituto Nacional de Investigacion y Capacitacion de Telecomunicaciones (INICTEL) and the Instituto Geofísico del Peru (IGP) have begun a transference of technology project. As a fírst step, we have started compiling bibliography which assembles the scientifíc knowledge on this fíeld for the interested technical community. This compilation gathers titles and authors of studies which directly analyze the Equatorial Electrojet or the equatorial E-Region of the ionosphere. This work starts chronologically with an article of Chapman S. (1951), where the equatorial "anomaly" that is observed on E-Region in the surroundings of the magnetic equator is named as Equatorial Electrojet. From that time several publications have appeared which study this phenomena on an experimental and theoretical basis. es_ES
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dc.title The equatorial electrojet. A bibliography es_ES
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