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  • Por | Immel, Thomas J.; Liu, Guiping; England, Scott L.; Goncharenko, Larisa P.; Erickson, Phillip J.; Lyashenko, Mykhaylo V.; Milla, Marco; Chau Chong Shing, Jorge Luis; Frey, Harald U.; Mende, Stephen B.; Zhou, Qihou; Stromme, Anja; Paxton, Larry J. (Instituto Geofísico del Perú, 2015-11)
    "During a 10-day URSI World Day observational campaign beginning on August 1, 2011, an isolated, major geomagnetic storm occurred. On August 5, Kp reached values of 8− and Dst dropped to −113 nT. The occurrence of this isolated storm in the middle of a 10-day URSI World Day campaign provides and ...