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Modeling the equatorial and low‐latitude ionospheric response to an intense X‐class solar flare


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  • Nogueira, P. A. B.; Souza, J. R.; Abdu, M. A.; Paes, R. R.; Sousasantos, J.; Marques, M. S.; Bailey, G. J.; Denardini, C. M.; Batista, I. S.; Takahashi, H.; Cueva, R. Y. C.; Chen, S. S. (Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, 2015-03-11)
    "We have investigated the ionospheric response close to the subsolar point in South America due to the strong solar flare (X2.8) that occurred on 13 May 2013. The present work discusses the sudden disturbances in the D ...