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dc.identifier.issn 1944-799X
dc.description En: Radio Science, v. 47, n. 4, (August 2012), p. RS0L12 1-5.
dc.description.abstract Previous studies have quantified the longitude gradients in E × Bdrift associated with the four‐cell tidal structures and have confirmed that these sharp gradients exist on a day‐to‐day basis. For this paper, we incorporate the Ion Velocity Meter (IVM) sensor on the Communications/Navigation Outage Forecasting System satellite to obtain the daytime, verticalE × B drift velocities at the magnetic equator as a function of longitude, local time, and season and to theoretically calculate the F region ion densities as a function of altitude, latitude, longitude, and local time using the Global Ionosphere Plasmasphere model. We compare calculated ion densities assuming no longitude gradients in E × Bdrift velocities with calculated ion densities incorporating the IVM‐observedE × Bdrift at the boundaries of the four‐cell tidal structures in the Peruvian and the Atlantic longitude sectors. Incorporating the IVM‐observedE × B drift velocities, the ion density crests rapidly converge to the magnetic equator between 285 and 300°E geographic longitude, are absent between 300° and 305°, and move away from the magnetic equator between 305° and 340°. In essence, the steeper the longitude gradient in E × B drifts, the steeper the longitude gradient in the equatorial anomaly crest location". es_ES
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dc.title Modeling the daytime, equatorial ionospheric ion densities associated with the observed, four‐cell longitude patterns in E × B drift velocities es_ES
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dc.identifier.journal Radio science es_ES
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dc.identifier.doi 10.1029/2011RS004930 es_ES




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