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  • Aceituno, Patricio; Prieto, Maríadel del Rosario; Solari, María Eugenia; Martínez, Alejandra; Poveda, Germán; Falvey, Mark (Climatic Change, 2009-08)
    "At times when attention on climate issues is strongly focused on the assessment of potential impacts of future climate change due to the intensification of the planetary greenhouse effect, it is perhaps pertinent to look ...
  • Pérez, Alexander; Gutiérrez, Dimitri; Saldarriaga, Maritza S.; Sanders, Christian J. (Instituto Geofísico del Perú, 2018-09)
    "The seasonal influence of tidal regimes on sulfidic conditions was studied in intertidal environments from a mangrove estuary in Northern Peru. Along two sampling stations, creek water and sediment cores were collected ...