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Discharge simulation in the sub-basins of the Amazon using ORCHIDEE forced by new datasets


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  • Guimberteau, Matthieu; Drapeau, Guillaume; Ronchail, Josyane; Sultan, Benjamin; Polcher, Jan; Martinez, Jean-Michel; Prigent, Catherine; Guyot, Jean-Loup; Cochonneau, Gérard; Espinoza Villar, Jhan Carlo; Filizola, N.; Fraizy, P.; Lavado, W.; De Oliveira, E.; Pombosa, R.; Noriega, L.; Vauchel, P. (Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 2012-03)
    "The aim of this study is to evaluate the ability of the ORCHIDEE land surface model to simulate streamflows over each sub-basin of the Amazon River basin. For this purpose, simulations are performed with a routing module ...