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Multifrequency radar observations collected in southern France during HyMeX-SOP1


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  • Bousquet, O.; Berne, A.; Delanoe, J.; Dufournet, Y.; Gourley, J. J.; Van-Baelen, J.; Augros, C.; Besson, L.; Boudevillain, B.; Caumont, O.; Defer, E.; Grazioli, J.; Jorgensen, D. J.; Kirstetter, P. E.; Ribaud, J.F.; Beck, J.; Delrieu, G.; Ducrocq, V.; Scipión, Danny; Schwarzenboeck, A.; Zwiebel, J. (Instituto Geofísico del Perú, 2015-02)
    "The radar network deployed in southern France during the first special observing period (SOP 1) of the Hydrological Cycle in the Mediterranean Experiment (HyMeX) was designed to precisely document the 3D structure of moist ...