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Towards coordinated regional multi-satellite InSAR volcano observations: Results from the Latin America pilot project


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  • Pritchard, M. E.; Biggs, J.; Wauthier, C.; Sansosti, E.; Arnold, D. W. D.; Delgado, F.; Ebmeier, S. K.; Henderson, S. T.; Stephens, K.; Cooper, C.; Wnuk, K.; Amelung, F.; Aguilar, V.; Mothes, P.; Macedo, O.; Lara, L. E.; Poland, M. P.; Zoffoli, S. (Instituto Geofísico del Perú, 2018-06)
    "Within Latin America, about 319 volcanoes have been active in the Holocene, but 202 of these volcanoes have no seismic, deformation or gas monitoring. Following the 2012 Santorini Report on satellite Earth Observation and ...