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Motion of continental slivers and creeping subduction in the northern Andes 


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  • Rolandone, F.; Jarrin, P.; Cisneros, D.; Alvarado, A.; Audin, L.; Bondoux, F.; Martín, X.; Font, Y.; Régnier, M.; Vallée, M.; Tran, T.; Beauval, C.; Martínez, W; Tavera, H.; Yepes, H.; Nocquet, J-M.; Villegas Lanza, J. C.; Chlieh, M.; Mothes, P. A.; Maguiña Mendoza, J. M. (Instituto Geofísico del Perú, 2014-03-02)
    "Along the western margin of South America, plate convergence is accommodated by slip on the subduction interface and deformation of the overriding continent. In Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia, continental deformation ...