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  • Woodman, Ronald F.; Chau, Jorge L.; Ilma, Ronald R. (Instituto Geofísico del Perú, 2006-01-10)
    "It has been proposed that ionosondes can be used to measure vectorial nighttime ionospheric drifts at F region altitudes. These measurements have been validated at mid and high magnetic latitudes on campaign basis. Here ...
  • Chau, Jorge L.; Woodman, Ronald F.; Scipión, Danny E. (Instituto Geofísico del Perú, Radio Observatorio de Jicamarca, 2004-06-27)
    Doppler velocities of 150-km echoes represents the vertical ExB drift velocities at F region altitudes. 150-km observations represent and excelent mean of monitoring the electric fields at equatorial latitudes. Low power ...
  • Woodman, R.F.; Calderon, C. (1976)
    Equatorial electric field measurements were recently reviewed by B. Balsley on occasion of the last equatorial symposium. We present in this review new measurements reported in the literature since the last symposium and ...

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